lundi 14 juin 2010

Experience Real Pilates in Cannes

When going on holiday people are in general looking to have a relaxing time away from the pressures and stresses of their working lives. Cannes is a popular tourist destination in the beautiful French Riviera in the South of France where people can leave their worries behind them in the stunning surroundings of the Azure coast. Other than visiting the many luxurious shops and restaurants, further relaxation can be achieved by partaking in the activity of Pilates at a Pilates Studio in Cannes.

Since its inception in the early 20th century, Pilates has become a popular leisure activity and Real Pilates Cannes has the essence of the discipline at the centre of its programmes. As a physical fitness system that uses the mind to control the muscles, Pilates helps to keep the body balanced and focuses on engaging the mind with the body through a series of exercises that involve the whole body. The Pilates exercises are ideal for anyone of any age and by learning to move better the long-term benefits associated with Pilates can be felt in everyday life.

Real Pilates Cannes is situated near the world famous Croisette in the centre of the French city and is an ideal place to take Pilates lessons in Cannes. The fully equipped Pilates studio hosts Pilates lessons that are run by Linda de Haviland and her Romana’s Pilates certified instructors in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There you will learn the basic principles of Pilates that focus around breathing, centring, concentration, control, precision and flow to help you improve your ability to move with strength, grace and ease.

Real Pilates Cannes teaches the True Pilates method which consists of the Romana’s Pilates exercises and philosophies that have been handed down through the generations by the founders of Pilates, Joseph and Clara Pilates themselves. The True Pilates method is different because it directly refers to the system of exercises originally developed by Joseph Pilates that has been proven over 80 years to be an effective system. Romana Kryzanowska, the world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates, is continuing his work and along with her daughter has taught the instructors at Real Pilates Cannes.

Real Pilates, will enable you to acquire complete control of your body and in turn acquire natural rhythm and coordination through the repetition of the exercises. This will then become part of your mental and subconscious activities as you build up your muscular power and endurance to make everyday activities less straining mentally and physically and help reduce your levels of fatigue.

By participating in Pilates lessons in Cannes you will learn to breathe correctly, develop your core strength and become aware of how to concentrate during activities with intense focus. Over time the precision and control that is taught in Pilates will become second nature and as you move through the flow of exercises your strength and stamina will develop. The attention to correct breathing, proper form and efficient movement patterns are skills that can be utilised in any situation to help decrease stress and promote good health and fitness by engaging your mind with your body.

mardi 23 mars 2010

Pilates Cannes - Pilates Studio in Cannes. NEWS

Well..... this has been an exciting month! True Pilates Cannes is taking off with a boom...!!
We are very happy to welcome our new clients who have signed up for the "Stretch into Spring" program. The weather is finally getting warmer and therefore your muscles will become very co operative and everyone will be able to work in depth.... Core Power is the center of all True Pilates workouts.
I am also proud to say that our Dancers Program is getting off to a terrific start. Lots of pre professional students from the Rosella Hightower School and also professional dancers from the Ballet de Nice, have signed up for classes.

We have had terrific publicity and very gratefull for all the interest that True Pilates Cannes is putting out.

I'll have more news for you shortly, and remember to hook up to your True Pilates News with any questions about either the Studio True Pilates Cannes or anything about the Pilates system. I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions..

Yours on the reformer,

Linda de Haviland

jeudi 4 février 2010

Hello everyone!

Greetings from True Pilates Cannes...
We are getting great publicity from the local papers, and lots of new clients phoning and booking classes.
I am very happy to say that our new clients all book at least 5 to 10 classes after they have taken their first session with us, and that is very exciting.

We have more editorial coming out in the next few weeks, and classes are booking quickly.
Take a look at the article that came out this Tuesday, and also the new photos of the studio...

Back to class,

Yours on the reformer,

Linda de Haviland

mardi 19 janvier 2010


Keeping you all up to date about our "Open House" that was last Saturday the 16th of January.

There was a terrific turnout and everyone wanted to try out the Pilates equipment.

We gave several demonstrations of basic classes with Severine, our apprentice Pilates teacher, and she had everyone signed up for more classes by the end of the day. Thank you Severine for all your help, and we all wish you the best in finishing your certification in the True Pilates Studios in New York City.

Its exciting seeing the True Pilates Cannes Studio get off the ground this quickly....

Sonia Herreria came from her True Pilates Aix en Provence Studio to visit, and her insight and comments are always encouraging! Thank you Sonia. She teaches the apprentice program in Aix en Provence, so if you want to be become a certified Pilates teacher, don't hesitate to contact her.

Its incredible how "word of mouth" works so quickly. I am teaching a few 18 year olds this week and we have filled this weeks group classes. I will be winding up the week with a lovely lady of 75 who has been looking for a True Pilates studio for 6 years!
Call me... there is still room in the Saturday morning group mat class at 11:00.....

I also wanted you all to see some photos!

Just hold your breath until Friday......... there coming!

Your Pilates teacher,

vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Happy New Year Open House

Happy New year to all you Pilates devotees!

Yes, its TRUE , we now have a brand new TRUE PILATES STUDIO right in the center of town..

Comme over and check us out at any time. We will be there to answer all your questions and try to find the right program for you.

  • We have a special day on SATURDAY THE 16TH OF JANUARY

4 rue Jean Jaurés
(right in front on the Gare SNCF)

Comme one, come all, and discover our new beautiful new studio!

Your coach, Linda de Haviland, will be waiting for your visit.


TRUE Pilates, Cannes
4 rue Jean Jaurés

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